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How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw

Having a chainsaw doesn’t automatically translate to cutting down a tree. It is possible for you to own a chainsaw and not know how to make use of it to cut down a tree.

No matter how good a chainsaw is if it is not operated correctly, falling a tree won’t be possible. This is what makes knowing how to cut a tree significant for you as a woodworker or a homeowner.

Professionals due to frequent usage might have mastered how to cut down a tree making use of a chain saw, but this might not be the case with a beginner.

However, don’t worry as this article shall be running you through some necessary steps that will help you know how to cut down a tree making use of a chainsaw with relative ease of understanding.

Keep to Safety Precautions

A chainsaw is a very delicate tool that requires you adhere to every safety precautions provided for its use. Remember that you owe yourself a responsibility of ensuring that you are safe while falling that tree. To ensure you are safe while making use of a chainsaw, it is essential you put on these items

How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw

– A helmet to help shield your head from being hit by falling branches or parts of the tree.

– Earmuffs and face screen to protect your ears and face. Your face is one, if not the most delicate part of your body which requires to be protected while working with a chainsaw.

– Safety eyeglasses to prevent particles from leaves and falling branches from going into your eyes. If they do, they are capable of altering your vision.

The Preparation Stage

The chainsaw is not only the tool needed to bring down a tree. Also, you will need the services of other necessary tools. These tools may differ depending on the size of the tree that is to be cut. It is crucial to get these tools and have them ready for use in the preparation stage.

This stage also requires some estimation. Here, you will mark out the possible zone the tree will fall too when it is cut. This can be based on the height and width of the tree. Several techniques have evolved to measure the proposed falling zone of the tree. Regardless of whatever method you are using, make sure a little more space is added for the benefit of a doubt.

Once the falling distance has been estimated, make sure that it is cleared, and every item or person is taken away. If possible, you can go on to create escape routes should an unforeseen circumstance come up.

The Cutting Stage

Once all preparations have been made, the next thing is to begin cutting. Some processes are to be followed when cutting a tree with a chainsaw and they include:

Cutting Stage

  1. Making a proper notch: a proper notch is one with the right depth which measures up to about 1/5 of the tree trunk’s diameter. When you make a proper notch, the tree is likely to come down faster and towards the intended direction. A proper notch is being guided with a hinge for effectiveness.
  2. Notch should be on the falling side: making the notch on the falling side is the best way to bring down the tree. To do this, you will need to hold the chainsaw and adjust it towards the direction of the intended fall.
  3. Go on to cut the notch: here, you can begin cutting the notch by striking first against the top cut followed by the bottom cut and continue in that order. As you go on, make sure your hand is adjusted allowing you to easily control the throttle and avoid any issue of it falling off your hands. As you go on, make sure the chain brake is locked and wedges continually being tapped until the tree eventually comes down.

As a beginner who intends to cut down a tree making use of a chainsaw, don’t be shy to sort to the assistance of an expert. This expert will not only provide you with the necessary information needed to bring down the tree, but also some technical details. Any of such assistant can go as far accompanying you to be sure that you don’t miss any detail or harm yourself in the process.

Knowing how to cut a tree making use of a chainsaw is one that everyone should have an idea of. Not only can you make some money from doing it, but you can also save yourself some cost of hiring someone to do it.

As a homeowner, if you carefully follow these steps provided above, you should be able to cut down a tree yourself making use of a chainsaw.

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