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    How to Stripe a Lawn?

    Taking your lawn from its current average level to a higher professional-looking state is only a matter of using a few tricks and tips. Remember what they say about little things making a huge difference?

    Well, it applies here too. All you need to do to make your lawn look sleek and formal may simply be to sharpen the edges of your yard or eradicate tiny weeds around your terrace

    However, one sure way to completely up your lawn’s game is by creating stripes on your lawn as you mow. Don’t you feel your heart stir when you see the immaculate stripes on golf fields and in stadiums?

    It will interest you to know that this flawless lawn design is quite easy to recreate. You will learn exactly how to create these stripes here.

    Introduction to Lawn Striping

    If you’ve ever been curious about how the neat pattern you see at stadiums is created, then today is your lucky day. Contrary to most people’s impression, these patterns are not difficult to achieve at all. They are, in fact, very easy to make

    What gives most of these lawns the striped look is the way the grass has been mowed. Usually, the mower goes across the lawn in opposite directions, thus flattening the turf in opposing directions as well.

    Therefore, depending on where you’re standing, certain stripes appear darker while others appear lighter. Simply put, lawn stripes are achieved by flattening adjacent sections of your lawn in opposing directions.

    So, What Equipment Do You Need?

    Apart from your lawnmower, the only other thing you’ll be needing is a heavy object that will press the grasses down towards the direction you’re mowing. Usually, a roller is what is used.

    Some mowers come with a rear roller. Once the mower clips the grass blades, the rear roller rolls over them thus pressing them down to make them flat. This way, the blades can reflect sunlight and produce the desired striped effect. If you don’t have any lawn mower yet, here are list of the best lawn mowers that leaves stripes (UK only).

    However, if you don’t own any roller mower, what you can do is get and use a roller separately. Note that using a separate mower makes the job more difficult and time-consuming. Better still, you can simply attach any heavy flattening object to the rear of your lawnmower such that it’ll function pretty much the same way as the roller mower.

    Lawn Striping Technique

    Lawn Striping Technique

    Now that you have your mower and roller ready, it’s time to start creating your stripes. First, mow a straight line from one end of your lawn to the other using the patio or drive as your guide.

    Once you finish making this line, turn your mower around and proceed to mow just beside the line in the opposite direction. When mowing, you’re not to look right in from of you but to fix your gaze 10ft ahead.

    Doing this will aid you to ensure that the line remains straight. The beauty of a striped lawn is its flawless straight lines. Once your lines are not straight, your lawn will not look as impressive as it should after the cut.

    Lawn Striping Advanced Techniques

    Did you know that lawn striping can be done in different patterns? If no, then now you do. The lawn striping technique we explained to you above is the simplest and most basic technique. For those who would like to create the more complex striping designs like a checkerboard, read this section.

    The checkerboard striping design is quite popular. It is a little bit more technical than the basic technique. However, it isn’t all that difficult to master. Besides, the extra appeal it offers more than makes up for the extra effort needed for achieving the pattern

    Start your checkerboard design by creating the simple stripe pattern described earlier. Once that is done, mow over the existing stripes vertically and you’ll see the design form. Complete the vertical cut across your whole lawn and you’re done.
    Do not hesitate to experiment with other designs. There are many more ways you can stripe your lawn to make it endlessly attractive.

    Additional Tips for Creating The Best-Looking Stripes

    Creating TheBest-Looking Stripes

    1. Avoid Cutting Your Turf Too Short: For your lawn to become well-striped after the cut, your grass blades need to be long enough. This way, they can easily blend and reflect sunlight adequately.

    However, if the turf is too short, the stripes won’t come out clearly and beautifully enough. Therefore, always ensure that you don’t mow your lawn too low.

    2. Go for a Roller Mower: For the sake of ease and effectiveness, it is better that you purchase a split roller mower. This mower is known to give the best lawn stripe results. Plus, it offers convenience and saves time.

    3. The Healthier Your Lawn, the Better: The full beauty of your striped lawn will become even more obvious if your lawn is healthy and lush. It is advised that you never let your grasses grow too tall before cutting them.

    It is better to chop off grass in small portions than take large sections off at once. You should never chop off anything exceeding ⅓ of grass length at once.

    4. Cut With a sharp blade: Dull blades leave grasses looking unhealthy and unattractive. To avoid this, make sure to examine your blade and sharpen it if it is blunt.

    5. Use the Right mower: Though it is preferable to use a roller mower when mowing stripes if what you can afford is a regular mower it can still work. However, the machine has to be of top quality.

    Otherwise, it may produce an undesirable end cut. Mowing stripes on your lawn is more tasking than simply mowing regularly. If you invest in a good quality mower, you will be saving yourself some stress. If your lawn is large, then a self-driven mower is a wise investment.

    6. Tidy Your Lawn After Mowing: Do not spoil the perfection of your newly striped lawn by abandoning turf clippings on it. These grass pieces will eventually dry up and become yellow. If you leave them on your lawn, they’ll disfigure it and all your hard work will be for nothing.


    Add these tips to your archive of lawn mowing best practices. You can even try any stripping pattern out the next time you mow, and your lawn will be the envy of your neighbours and visitors.

  • How To Pick A Best Lawn Mower
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    How To Pick A Best Lawn Mower

    Landscaping and gardening require a set of tools. If you lack the right tools, things will not be the same over time. If you want a lush and nice lawn, proper tools are needed for moving things forward at a nice pace.

    If you don’t want to seek professional advice, then a lawnmower is a very good option. It will save both your time and money. One can do the same job without paying extra money. Before buying a lawnmower there are some of the points that you should keep in mind, which will surely save you many dollars. Let us see some of them:

    How To Pick The Best Lawn Mower

    Lawn mower

    Before you buy a mower you need to select which type of mower you need: gas or electric? Following the cons and pros will help you in deciding:

    The result of your lawn is all going to depend on your mower type selection. Both of them have their pros and cons. First, you have to think do you need to charge it first or you want it to ready to go all the tines?

    Both of these types need some power to work. The electric one uses a chargeable battery while the other one requires the gasoline. The electric start petrol lawnmower is another powerful lawn mower for mowing the lawn. If you want to see the electric start petrol lawnmower click here.

    If you are unable to decide always to think about the convenience factor. Every home has an electric socket and you will charge your mower right away. On the other hand, gasoline is much risk when it comes to filling.

    Moreover, it is not available 24/7 and one needs time for refilling it. So, think properly before you buy a lawnmower. Otherwise, random investing in any mower is just a foolish attempt.

    Riding Lawnmower

    Riding lawn mower

    The solution of riding mower comes up with few notes which should be implemented for the best mowing lawn results. If your lawn is on a larger surface area, then a mower is required which can smoothly manage such amounts of grass.

    This is the moment where riding mowers jump right in front of you to prove their worth. Both gas and electric riding mowers are available. Entry-level models will do the same job but keep in mind it will be more expensive as compared to the push type.

    These riding mowers are great when you need to cover a significant area. If you don’t own a large lawn, then it’s not a good option and will be considered a luxury. Balancing out on your own is very important and is different from one person to another.

    Rotary Vs. Reel Mowers


    Rotary or reel mowers are the other two options to decide when it comes to picking the lawnmower. Rotary motors have a sharp and lightweight blade that can easily be adjusted without visiting a professional. Replacing blades is also very very interesting and saves you a lot of time.

    On the other hand, reel mowers are irreplaceable unless a professional does it. They are very sharp and can easily cut your hands or legs so extreme safety measures are needed before using them. You will need a professional for blade sharpening.

    Price factor

    This thing is discussed in the end because we need to mention clearly what you can get in this scope of money. A proper budget should be set aside which is determined after your financial situations and the needs. If you need high-end results then all the above points should be considered before investment. For a cheap one other route is always available but always read reviews first.

    Price never always confirms the quality of the mower. Several factors are considered before buying.

    Your goals, needs and other points should be taken into consideration before buying a new one. In mowers, there is no bad type’. But oh boy you need a lot of work to do on it for upgrading it to the latest option.

    Take all the above points into consideration carefully before buying a new mower.

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  • Do Cordless Lawn Mowers Perform Well For Residential Use
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    Do Cordless Lawn Mowers Perform Well For Residential Use?

    For years, electric lawn mowers have been evolving and diversifying. They were mostly corded and bulky. Over the years, the battery charged lawnmower has itself moved from being underpowered and expensive to more suitable, cheap mowers with durable batteries. More technology has been invested in its making to come up with a tool with good results to speak for itself.

    Battery-powered lawn mowers are among the first purchases that a gardener should think of during summer or spring. They have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they are suitable for cutting grass.  However, someone might ask, DO BATTERY-POWERED ELECTRIC LAWN MOWERS PERFORM WELL FOR RESIDENTIAL USE? Why should you choose them over other methods of mowing? What is it that makes them more superior than other mowers? Below are some of the reasons that would convince you to opt for them in your residence.

    Do Cordless Lawn Mowers Perform Well For Residential Use


    1. They Are Easy To Use And Operate

    A battery-powered lawn mower is very easy to use. Their ease in manoeuvring is one thing that makes them suitable for fast mowing. They are not big or complicated. You will therefore not have a bulky machine, pushing it all over your lawn. You also do not have to necessarily pull a string to start. You just have pushed the start button, and you are good to go.  The rechargeable batteries charge as fast as thirty minutes. If you want to buy a good battery-powered lawn mower you can check the best cordless lawnmower UK.

    2. They Save You Some Cash

    A not very significant number of gardeners believe that petrol lawnmowers are superior to the battery charged electric lawnmowers. This could be true because their two-stroke petrol-powered engine will obviously exert more power than the battery. However, unless you are working on a golf course or vast sprawls of estates, the petrol-powered mower will only cost you a lot. Therefore, why not opt for a battery-powered mower for your residential area. Instead of buying gallons of petrol, you can just charge your mower at substantially lesser rates.

    3. They Do Not Require Heavy Maintenance

    The battery-powered mower does not have a complex engine. You do not have to call a technician now and then for check-ups. They also don’t need endless oil changes and frequent replacements of the spark plug. The only real maintenance that they need is adequate cleaning. If you take good care of it as well as its battery, store it properly and mow carefully, your machine will serve you for a long time.

    4. They Do Not Limit Your Freedom of Movement

    Other lawn mowers, such as the corded electric lawn mower, always limit your mobility. This is because they are connected to a power source using a cord. Contrary to this, the battery-powered one uses batteries as their power source. You can mow grass as far as possible, away from any stagnant power source.

    5. They Are Not Noisy

    Do you have to necessarily use a mower that requires you to plug in earmuffs to protect your ears from damage when this electric lawn mower is at your disposal? They create less noise, which is approximately seventy-five decibels. In fact, some of these mowers are so silent that they can barely be heard from a stone throw away. You will even be at peace with your neighbours, because who likes their peace disturbed with noises?

    6. They Are Eco-Friendly

    Battery charged lawnmowers do not generate tailpipe emissions compared to the gas engine that releases unburned hydrocarbons to the air. They also do not consume any fuel and, therefore, do not pose any risk of spilling hazardous substances to your lawn. For instance, their petrol-powered counterparts spill gallons of petrol while fuelling them. Did you ever imagine where all this fuel ends up at?

    7. They Are Durable

    Their batteries are made of Lithium-ion. These batteries exert enough power to the mower. However, just like any other batteries, they wear out with time. This is not a breach of contract, though. The mower will last as long as five or six years, as long as the batteries are taken care of and replace them when they wear out.

    This battery charged mower is the perfect tool to give your lawn that clean trim that you long for. Whether you are buying a mower for the first time or you are looking to replace your worn out mower, this battery charged electric lawn mower is the perfect option.

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