• Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Garage
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    Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Garage

    We have collected some of the best garage organizing ideas for you. If your garage feels lucky enough to have an owner like you, give it a treat with some tips that can be helpful for you as well.

    These methods are useful for individuals who need to manage a full-fledged garage wherein bicycles, garden tools, sports equipment, lawn chairs, and many more things require storage management.

    How to Organize Your Garage Smartly

    Here are 8 brilliant ways to have an organized garage. You can do it yourself.

    1. Toolbox Storage

    Toolbox StorageAn excellent toolbox is nothing less than the heart of your garage. This one simple piece of machinery will keep all the tools and equipment safe. If you want or if its needed, a toolbox can be portable as well. Organizing your garage toolbox can be an art if you can manage.

    What type and size of the toolbox you need depend upon your garage. If it’s a big garage where you store multiple cars, motorbikes, and bicycles; you would like to have a full cabinet of tools.

    For added ease of transport in and out of the garage, you can purchase a toolbox with wheels, so that you can use all your tools anywhere. For a small garage, taking a compact toolbox will be feasible.

    2. PVC Pipe Tool Storage

    You can do this one on your own, maybe on a weekend. Attach wood bars with the garage walls and use old or new PVC pipes after cutting them into small pieces.

    It’s an effective storage system for your garden tools, cleaning rods, and other related objects.

    3. Wire Shelving

    Simple wire baskets can drastically increase the storage space in your garage. Add some shelves to it and you will see a clutter-free area.

    Simple to install, takes less and tools as well as time. Clean the area using a garage vacuum (NB: wet and dry vacuums are good for garage cleaning- see the recommended cleaners here) and then start the installation.

    4. Take Care Of  The Lighting

    A tidy garage also needs to be well lit. So, use some of the best garage lights that can help you find the right tool at the required moment.

    You will not have to be irritated while you are fixing your broken car. Moreover, you will not stress your eyes for a simple screw tighter. When you think about it, it is one of the necessary steps you should follow while setting up your garage.

    5. Organize Your Bicycles

    Organize Your BicyclesThe best way to get those two-wheelers is to hang them vertically. If you have kids aged enough to ride their own cycles, then there must be one too man to take care.

    A wall bike rack can be an excellent addition that will be helpful to remove all the wheels put of your way.

    Moreover, you can easily us a garage vacuum.

    6. Easy To Access Doors

    Choose motorized garage doors that can give you the most out of your garage. There are doors that can automatically switch on the lights when you open it.

    Moreover, it will save more space than you utilize for other storage.

    7. Fishing Poles

    If you can hang the wire baskets to the ceilings, it will be a perfect storage space for fishing poles and related accessories. Apart from that, you can also use a foam swimming pool noodle and a PVC pipe to build a storage system for fishing rods. Follow the given DIY steps to configure one for yourself.

    • Drill 1 inch holes at every 4 inch on a PVC pipe. Means, there should be a difference of 4 inches between two drills.
    • Slit the swimming pool noodle at every 4 inches using a utility knife. Again, the distance between the two slits should be 4 inches.
    • Use a fender washer to keep the pool noodle in its right shape and use 2-inch screws to fit it on to the wall. Then install the PVC pipe beneath it at a comfortable distance, so that you can get comfortable hang all your fishing poles here.

    8. Use Storage Tubes For Unusual Tools

    How you store the small kitchen components, you keep them into a pot to avoid any scatter. You have to follow a similar method to save more prominent and unusual tools or equipment in your garage. However, in this situation, you will be using concrete forming tubes.

    These boxes can easily be stored for shovels, hockey sticks, rakes, brushes, and many other items that need proper storage; otherwise, they will spoil the appearance of your garage. You can purchase such boxes at a price of less than $10. So, an effective and secure storage solution.

  • Tips To Choose The Best Rain Showerhead
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    Tips To Choose The Best Rain Showerhead

    The rain shower heads are beautiful and give you a fantastic showering experience. No matter what is the style of a rain shower head, it’s sure to provide you with some amazing time under the water. However, the question is; which shower head will be the best possible match for your lifestyle as well as a bathroom? Let’s discuss the same today. We will start with the installation type.

    Tips To Choose The Best Rain Showerhead

    Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount

    The first aspect is to check the installation area where you want to set up the new showerhead. It’s an easy task because you only have to imagine whether you would like the water over the head or from the sides. These are only two patterns available in the market as well; ceiling mount or wall mount. If you are installing the shower system for the first time, then you can choose any of them depending upon your preferences.

    Rain shower head

    The scenario changes when you are changing the installation location from wall to ceiling or vice versa. Take some professional assistance, because it might need some serious modifications in the plumbing system. You are aware of the conditions, so think of the installation site before you choose a showerhead.

    Visit Homegearable to see the best rain shower head reviews.

    High Pressure or Significant Coverage

    Browse some rain showerheads and you will find two terms in common; coverage and pressure. The former represents the area a showerhead covers with its spray. How strong the water feels on your body is the pressure of a showerhead. When we talk in general, the pressure decreases when coverage increases and vice versa. It’s the reason why you should know what you need from the new shower head.

    Tips for The Best Rain Showerhead

    You are already looking for a rain showerhead; means you want improved coverage. Still, do not worry because such a showerhead will not irritate you with a dripping flow of water. The rainfall shower will be truthful to its name and give you a real waterfall-like experience.

    Single Setting or Multiple Spray Options

    You must have noticed that several models offer multiple spray modes depending upon the installation style and price. The water flow settings range between 2 to 30, depending upon the make and model. It’s not required to have multiple spray modes. However, if you want to enjoy a variety of water sprays, then you could choose a model that has this feature.

    Rain Showerhead

    If you need a rain shower head with multiple spray modes, then the options will be limited. Because most of the times you will see that only wall-mountable models come with a lever or valve to change the water settings. A handheld shower generally has this option. However, ceiling mountable showerheads are less likely to have multiple shower modes.

    Built Material

    None of us would like to purchase a product repeatedly, be it a showerhead or anything else. So, what should you do to choose a long-lasting bathroom fixture? Well, it’s the built materials that decide the lifeline of a shower system.

    Some of the common construction elements include stainless steel, brass, ABS, and plastic. Stainless steel and brass are the top contenders when we talk about durability. ABS and plastic made fixtures are also strong, but cannot stand in front of the metal ones. So, it’s always a good idea to look at the built material before you bring something in your bathroom. We recommend that you prefer metal.


    The width of a showerhead is another important factor because it decides the coverage and your comfort level. Rain showerheads vary between a face size of 6 to 20 inches. The choice depends upon the available area and your preferences. However, we recommend you match the open space with the size of a showerhead you want to purchase.

    The size of any showerhead more or less depends upon the installation side. You will notice that wall mountable shower heads are not available beyond 6 inches, but the ceiling mounts are available up to 20 inches. So, if you need a comfortable showering space, then you can try a ceiling mountable rain shower head.


    Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will pat your back after making an informed and smart investment. Be careful to match the appearance of a showerhead with the existing architecture, especially if you are upgrading or replacing the old one.


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  • eureka vacuum cleaner
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    How to Wash Eureka Optima Vacuum Cleaner Filters

    Eureka Optima Vacuum is one of Eureka vacuum’s 430 series. This vacuum has a lot of attractive features. It works perfectly on carpets and bare floors, it is easy to carry since it weighs only 12 pounds, and it can clean pet hair effectively too.

    However, it goes without saying that the performance of this vacuum will begin to reduce if it is not maintained correctly.

    This is why we have brought you this article on how to wash Eureka Optima Vacuum Cleaner Filters. These tips will help.

    Eureka Optima Vacuum Filter Maintenance

    • Unplug the Vacuum

    First, switch your vacuum’s power off, and remove the device from where it is connected to a power source. Electricity can be dangerous and unplugging your unit first is a way to prevent any harm to both you, and your Eureka Optima Vacuum.

    • Dislodge the filterHow to Wash Eureka Optima Vacuum Cleaner Filters

    You need to inspect the filter so that you can ascertain whether or not your vacuum cleaner needs to be washed. To do this, press the release cup button and dislodge the dust cup from the rest of the unit. In an anti-clockwise direction, twist the lid of the dust cup that is connected to the filter. Then, lift the cover and the attached filter out of the cleaner.

    • Remove Dirt from the Filter

    To do this, push the filter latch. When the filter is out, hold the filter over a garage can and shake it to get rid of any dust or debris which may be clinging to it. Some stubborn pieces may remain stuck to the filter, you can use your fingers to remove them. Ensure to do this outside, so you don’t get dirt all over your house.

    • Wash the Filter

    There are washable dust cup filters. Take the Filter, filter tube and screen, and wash gently but thoroughly. You should use warm water to clean the filter, but do not make use of any soap or abrasive material as this can damage the filter.

    • Put the Filter Back in Place

    When you’re done washing the filter, let it dry completely before placing the filter back into the dirt cup lid. Afterwards, slip the filter back into the vacuum and turn the cover. This time, turn the lid in a clockwise direction and make sure it is locked into place. It will take the filter up to 24 hours to dry completely.

    How Often Should You Wash Your Eureka Optima Vacuum Filter?

    It is advised that you clean and wash your filter after every 3 to 4 times of use. If you use your vacuum daily, then it is recommended that you change it once a week. If you use yours once a week, you should wash the filter once every month.

    Every filter has its own specific lifespan. Generally, though, a filter starts needing a replacement between 3 to 6 months of use. However, everything still boils down to how often you use your vacuum. Vacuums that are used frequently tend to need it filters replaced more often than when it is used only occasionally. You could extend the life of your filter by using the cleaner to clean just what it is meant to clean. Using it on the wrong dirt will only serve to weaken the filter and make it get damaged sooner than usual.

    While you wash, avoid scrubbing your filter between pleats, or washing with soap. Also, when trying to dry your filter, do not place it on a hot surface directly. Ensure that the filter dries totally before putting it back into the vacuum. Typically, it’ll take between 24 hours and 48 hours for the filter to dry.


    When it comes to cleaning your home, Eureka vacuum cleaners do a great job of it. However, maintenance plays a significant role in how effective it works. Use our tips on how to wash Eureka optima vacuum cleaner filter to prevent any decline in functionality.

  • Buying The Perfect Mattress
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    Decisions To Make Before Buying The Perfect Mattress

    You may have a lot of amazing memories with your bed but a day would come that you will realize that it has lost its attractiveness and bounce and which means you need a replacement. You may even understand that instead for it to be giving you the comfort that mattresses are known for, it now specializes in making you wake up with severe pains. This signs evidently shows that it is time to buying the perfect mattress.

    Although if you have overtime cultivated the American culture of getting too accustomed to your mattress, you may find it very difficult to dispose of an old bed. It is worthy of mention that the Better Sleep Council recommends that mattress should be evaluated after 7 to 8 years of purchase.

    This doesn’t envisage that you need to replace your bed ever7 years, but it means that one should notably check the performance and condition of beds after this stipulated time, this is to help you decide whether you need to get a new one that will give you your desired comfort.

    However, before you make a long list of why you don’t need to spend money on a new bed, let’s put your sleep into consideration. Most people in our society today understand the fact that a supportive mattress plays a significant role in getting healthy sleep.

    An online study has shown that 91% of the people who participated in this research gives recognition to the uttermost fact that sleeping on an ideal mattress plays a very significant role in our mental and physical welfare, but still most people do not want to spend money on a new bed.

    Now have you made a decision to buy a new bed? Where and how can you get one a perfect bed?  This post will answer all these questions.

    Decisions To Make Before Buying The Perfect Mattress

    Whether you are getting a new mattress or not depends on your budget. Start by planning a budget for your best queen mattress under 500 as your comfort is vital. Inexpensive beds sold in bed stores are cheap because they don’t put quality first and by this, they use inferior materials to make beds that lack durability.

    The Perfect Mattress

    Asleep science coach and founder of SleepZoo recommends that when making a budget for a new bed, one should be realistic with the price range. It is incredible to know that there exist companies that can work within your price range and still get you a quality mattress. Another way to look at this is to imagine that you bought a bed for $1000 and its durability lasted for about 10 years, that’s like paying 27 cents each day for comfortable sleep and fantastic wellbeing.

    Also, put bed size and bedroom space into consideration. If you have pets, kids or a bedmate that likes snuggling in bed, a bigger bed should be your choice.

    You can also ask a friend who has a comfy bed to guide you through what kind of foundation they used to make their beds. Online mattress reviews can also point you in the direction of a good bed.

    Different Bodies Need Different Beds

    This is another crucial decision to make; your sleeping positions can also determine the type of mattress to purchase. For example, firmer beds are recommended for back sleepers while side sleepers need softer ones.  Other things to take note of include sleeping conditions like back pain which necessitate the best medium firm mattress for back pain that can give extra support.

    Different Bodies Need Different Beds

    If you have a bedmate, consider their sleeping conditions too and how they like their beds. Another frequent question that is always asked according to Branter is that ‘what’s the ideal bed for sex?’ to answer that question, you need to consider the bed’s bouncing, sound and sinkage qualities. Body sizes should also be considered when purchasing a mattress. For instance, light sleepers need soft beds while heavy sleepers may require a firmer bed to accommodate their weight.

    Tips for shopping for a new mattress

    Selecting the best kind of bed that you need may be difficult because the pressure at stores can make you make a decision that you may regret. However, having a buying guideline can help you make the best decision. An acronym that was coined by The Sleep Better Council best explains how to choose a perfect mattress:

    • Select a mattress
    • Lie down in your regular position
    • Evaluate if you are comfortable
    • Educate yourself about each selection
    • Partners are to test beds together

    If you are somewhat still confused about making a decision, encourage your retailer to show you what the beds are made of, with this you will know what you are buying and identify the differences in each bed.  Also, don’t forget to ask the retailer questions that can help you purchase the perfect bed. It is also advisable to buy from stores that give you a few days to test the mattress before buying, this will help you make a practical decision.