Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Garage
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Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Garage

We have collected some of the best garage organizing ideas for you. If your garage feels lucky enough to have an owner like you, give it a treat with some tips that can be helpful for you as well.

These methods are useful for individuals who need to manage a full-fledged garage wherein bicycles, garden tools, sports equipment, lawn chairs, and many more things require storage management.

How to Organize Your Garage Smartly

Here are 8 brilliant ways to have an organized garage. You can do it yourself.

1. Toolbox Storage

Toolbox StorageAn excellent toolbox is nothing less than the heart of your garage. This one simple piece of machinery will keep all the tools and equipment safe. If you want or if its needed, a toolbox can be portable as well. Organizing your garage toolbox can be an art if you can manage.

What type and size of the toolbox you need depend upon your garage. If it’s a big garage where you store multiple cars, motorbikes, and bicycles; you would like to have a full cabinet of tools.

For added ease of transport in and out of the garage, you can purchase a toolbox with wheels, so that you can use all your tools anywhere. For a small garage, taking a compact toolbox will be feasible.

2. PVC Pipe Tool Storage

You can do this one on your own, maybe on a weekend. Attach wood bars with the garage walls and use old or new PVC pipes after cutting them into small pieces.

It’s an effective storage system for your garden tools, cleaning rods, and other related objects.

3. Wire Shelving

Simple wire baskets can drastically increase the storage space in your garage. Add some shelves to it and you will see a clutter-free area.

Simple to install, takes less and tools as well as time. Clean the area using a garage vacuum (NB: wet and dry vacuums are good for garage cleaning- see the recommended cleaners here) and then start the installation.

4. Take Care Of  The Lighting

A tidy garage also needs to be well lit. So, use some of the best garage lights that can help you find the right tool at the required moment.

You will not have to be irritated while you are fixing your broken car. Moreover, you will not stress your eyes for a simple screw tighter. When you think about it, it is one of the necessary steps you should follow while setting up your garage.

5. Organize Your Bicycles

Organize Your BicyclesThe best way to get those two-wheelers is to hang them vertically. If you have kids aged enough to ride their own cycles, then there must be one too man to take care.

A wall bike rack can be an excellent addition that will be helpful to remove all the wheels put of your way.

Moreover, you can easily us a garage vacuum.

6. Easy To Access Doors

Choose motorized garage doors that can give you the most out of your garage. There are doors that can automatically switch on the lights when you open it.

Moreover, it will save more space than you utilize for other storage.

7. Fishing Poles

If you can hang the wire baskets to the ceilings, it will be a perfect storage space for fishing poles and related accessories. Apart from that, you can also use a foam swimming pool noodle and a PVC pipe to build a storage system for fishing rods. Follow the given DIY steps to configure one for yourself.

  • Drill 1 inch holes at every 4 inch on a PVC pipe. Means, there should be a difference of 4 inches between two drills.
  • Slit the swimming pool noodle at every 4 inches using a utility knife. Again, the distance between the two slits should be 4 inches.
  • Use a fender washer to keep the pool noodle in its right shape and use 2-inch screws to fit it on to the wall. Then install the PVC pipe beneath it at a comfortable distance, so that you can get comfortable hang all your fishing poles here.

8. Use Storage Tubes For Unusual Tools

How you store the small kitchen components, you keep them into a pot to avoid any scatter. You have to follow a similar method to save more prominent and unusual tools or equipment in your garage. However, in this situation, you will be using concrete forming tubes.

These boxes can easily be stored for shovels, hockey sticks, rakes, brushes, and many other items that need proper storage; otherwise, they will spoil the appearance of your garage. You can purchase such boxes at a price of less than $10. So, an effective and secure storage solution.